Exploring the Limits of Erotic Fantasy
Last Updated May 28, 1997
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Tickling Featuring fiction, essays and editorial opinion primarily about tickling and fetishism by Sandy Beach as well as related items by others -- erotic driftwood found while surfing the 'net.
The information here is about sexual fantasies. It is intended to be entertaining and informative. It may even help ease the discomfort that many people feel about their own fantasies, although I make no claims to that effect.

I choose to make a distinction between sexual practices and fantasies where many other publishers do not, because it is my observation that many people fail to do so in their own lives and are unhappy as a result. Whether it is the pursuit of the idolized body through fanatical dieting and rigorous exercise or the goal of finding a mate who looks like a media star, or even just driving the right car, people make themselves miserable because they fail to distinguish fantasy from reality. To put it another way, I do not encourage you to rush out and try the things described here, or to even feel a need to.

I reject the notion that the solution is to deny oneself the enjoyment of fantasy, and no less so the use of media to enhance and extend ones fantasy experiences. Be it murder mysteries, action adventures, romance novels, violent video games or graphically explicit S&M photographs, depiction of behaviors and events that most people would feel uncomfortable with in reality can provide satisfying and enjoyable experiences as fantasy.

There is little room to accommodate murder, but extreme sexual behaviors such as are depicted here do not deserve the same intolerance. There are people who enjoy such behavior, and despite the fact that an overwhelming majority do not feel the same way we must not allow majority rule to deny individuals the right to enjoy themselves in whatever way they choose.

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