My Favorite Fantasies

Here is a collection of some of my fantasies. I have organized them by time periods, but this classification scheme is only approximate and is based upon when I created them, as once I had a hot one I continued to develop it for years.

When I began writing erotic stories they were based on the ideas expressed in these fantasies, but I quickly learned to expand upon these ideas in order to create a variety of characters and situations.

Tickling Fantasies
Elementary School (age 7 - 12)
Campfire Girl Fantasy #1 Fun on the school playground.
Campfire Girl Fantasy #2 I get asked to help a neighbor increase her tolerance for tickling.
Campfire Girl Fantasy #3 I get some of what I long to give.
Teacher's Tickling Dress I surprise my 5th grade teacher with her own form of punishment.
Intermidiate School (age 13 - 14)
Coming soon!
High School (age 15 - 18)
Majorette Fantasy A busload of girls in satin uniforms inspires a fantastic fantasy.
College (age 19 - 26)
Right after I paint my house!
Post College
Tickled Dancer Tantalizingly plausible.

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