Adoration is like Vitamin C. A creative person needs it, yet it is not easily stored so it must be replenished often. If you enjoy something you find here, please take a minute and let me know. Think of it as applause.

When I post my fiction and commentaries in USENET News the bulk of the mail I get in response is readers who enjoy my work. What negative comments I receive mostly come from those who prefer short pieces that focus entirely on the subject in question, such as erotic tickling, and prefer not to have to dig through any additional material. I write in a relatively broad, detailed style by choice, and have no plans to change.

I have no formal guest-book, in part because the benefit of a guest-book is that it allows others to contact those who sign it, and my hunch is that a lot of you would prefer not to tell the world you have been here and done it. So, what I offer is a simple mail link and a promise to keep all such comments confidential.

Beyond giving me an electronic hi-five, I would like very much to hear about your special interests with regards to sex. Perhaps you are bothered by something, some difficulty in finding happiness in your relationship, or in accepting yourself. Whatever it is, if it is related to sex I would be happy to hear from you.

Last, but by no means the least, I would like to hear from any female who experiences sexual arousal from clothes of any kind that she wears. Even something as simple as an incident involving a long walk in a tight pair of jeans will suffice, but I am particularly interested in that very special woman who has experienced something like what I write so much about.

Sandy Beach


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