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All of my stories deal primarily with the things that interest me the most, fetishism and tickling. There are actually a great many things that interest me, and I make it a point to include many of these as well. Like any good writer I blend fantasy, personal experience and ideas I have discovered along the way in order to make the characters and events more interesting.

One rule I adhere to is that I never portray the characters doing something I would be uncomfortable with in real life. To extend the range of possibilities I mimic real life by describing my characters' fantasies. I think it is important to understand these different levels. From the standpoint of real life, everything here is make-believe. In the context of a story, some events are "real" and others are fantasy. The important thing to remember is that it is natural to fantasize events that we do not necessarily want to have happen.

When I began writing I sincerely believed that I was writing about things that most people would find erotic, but that for some reason had received little attention in mainstream erotic literature. Only recently (mid 1996) did I finally 'get it' that what turns me on is extremely unusual. The only compensation was the knowledge that there exists a large minority of individuals, mostly men, with equally unique and highly personal tastes. In other words, I may be the only man in the world who gets turned on by the things that do me, but there are many others like me. This has led to a persistent, nagging fear that very few people will find my stories interesting. Although I crave feedback from any and all, I am particularly interested in receiving comments, even a single sentence, from people who do not share my special interests and yet enjoy my work.

Sweet Agony

A full length novel begun in 1977 and completed in 1994. A large cast of characters interact in many ways to explore the pleasures of sensuous clothing, bondage, tickling, spanking, grope suits and more. Special emphasis on the nylon jersey fabrics used for women's evening wear in the 70's, particularly Qiana, and slinky bell bottom pants made by designers like Manning Silver, Rina, Funky and Estievo.

I would like to thank the wonderful people at Villa Roma, Ethel's, and Bartley's for bringing such sexy clothing to Honolulu twenty-odd years ago and for being so gracious when I would drop in. I must say that most of the saleswomen, especially the older women, took great delight in helping a young man shop for a sexy gift. It was always enjoyable to hear them trying to acknowledge how sexy the things I picked out were, without coming right out and saying it. The clothing store in Sweet Agony was certainly inspired by these shops, but I can assure you that as far as I know none of the activity in the fictional store ever happened.

Maria's First Night Out

This is a short story in three chapters about a woman's first experience with opening up to her deepest sexual desires. Sensuous silk clothing, gadgets worn under street clothes and tickling all play a significant role in giving Maria pleasure.

Shelly's First Holoku

A mini-novel about a young female hula dancer who is seduced and ravished by the traditional hula costume called a holoku. While primarily about clothes that feel ticklish and arousing to wear, the story also portrays an exciting encounter with a very special rocking horse.

The Allure of the Holoku

A brief description of the holoku, complete with photos and a painting. Please keep in mind that the photos are not intended as illustrations of the story. These are real women, in a public performance, included here to share with you the kind of experiances that inspired me.

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