Shelly's First Holoku


Sandy Beach

Copyright Dark Water, 1996

"Shelly's First Holoku" is a sexually explicit story intended for mature readers. If you are not interested in that kind of thing then please do not read it. Let your conscience be your guide.

The story is set in present day Honolulu, but let me assure you that all characters, places and events are fictitious. No attempt was made to pattern any aspect of the story after real life. If a character or place sounds familiar, consider it a tribute to realistic fiction rather than journalism.

The above statement does more than protect the privacy of individuals. The situations I present have the potential for great entertainment, but at the risk of being misunderstood. I specifically do not want people to think that everything I write about actually takes place, any more than Superman is real. I make this point because I fear that someone will read something here and reach the conclusion that it ought to work, or that other people are getting something they want and have difficulty attaining.

Central to the story is a form of female attire called a holoku. ("Ho" as in the way Santa laughs, "lo" rhymes with the "ho" and "ku" rhymes with "do.") For those of you unfamiliar with the islands, this long, snug fitting dress is for real. It is described in great detail in the story, so I will not repeat that here except to point out that the design I described is only one of many variations.

The basis for this story is a life-long passion I have had for sensuous female clothing. Through the Internet I have gained much comfort in knowing that there are many people who like me enjoy fantasies and even enactment of fetishism and extreme sex play, including erotic tickling. What goes along with that knowledge is my acceptance of the fact that my own favorite twist, women enjoying the delightful torment of clothes that tickle them to the limit of their endurance, is a highly unusual infatuation. Should you find yourself wondering why you have never heard of this particular interest let me assure you that you did not skip any important chapters in your previous reading. It is that rare.

Special mention needs to be made about the age of the central character. At sixteen she is at the lower cusp of where people debate it is appropriate to involve young people with sex, especially the extreme forms of sex she becomes involved with here. I could argue that some sixteen year olds are mature enough to engage in the kinds of activity Shelly encounters, but the truth is that I simply wanted to deal with a young woman's first encounter with unfamiliar and relatively extreme forms of sex. Sixteen is not a magic number, it just seemed to be the best age to choose to make that point, because most readers will ascribe a quality of innocence to her that might be lost if she were any older. If sixteen is too young for you to feel comfortable with, make her whatever age you wish.

In order to make the story sound more realistic I have included dialog based on Pidgin English, as well as some Hawaiian terms related to hula. I tried to keep it simple and provide sufficient context so that little is lost if you are not familiar with the dialect.

I hope you enjoy my story, that it provides a bit of illumination upon whatever it is that turns you on, and that it contributes to your own sexual success.

Sandy Beach
May, 1996


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