Tickled Dancer


Sandy Beach

Copyright Dark Water, 1995

This is a drawing of a young Japanese dance instructor unwinding after a long Saturday of teaching. Although she loves teaching, an entire day surrounded by cute adolescent girls bragging about their clothes leaves her in no mood to meet her boyfriend, and this is her way of relaxing.

Since before she started taking dance classes in Tokyo at the age of ten she had a passion for being tickled. She played the usual tickling games as a child, but it was not until she started dancing that she had her first really intense tickling experience.

Her teacher was an old White Russian woman, one of those who had fled to Shanghai during the Bolshevik Revolution. After the Japanese invaded China she and her countrymen were moved to Tokyo, where her experience with the Bolshoi paid off in that she could teach ballet.

One of the secret training techniques employed by Russian dance masters was tickling. All of the girls were tickled regularly to build strength and to teach them to endure suffering. The goal was to be able to withstand being tickled for five minutes while maintaining a serene demeanor, which simulated what happens when a dancer must perform on point even when her toenails are bleeding and ready to fall off.

This particular Russian teacher enjoyed another form of tickling, one that was very sensuous and erotic. She learned to spot the girls who reacted passionately to the endurance building tickle drills and gradually introduced them to private sessions, where she personally applied a collection of feathers and soft brushes in ways that unlocked and ultimately satisfied their deepest carnal desires.

The old woman had a small collection of Chinese silk robes of the sort worn only by the wealthiest aristocratic concubines as loungewear. These robes were made of a very special kind of silk, the art of its manufacture having been lost in the turmoil of the invasion and the subsequent communist uprising.

The fabric was prized for its feel. Similar to the sensuous quality of the best modern day silk only far more intense, it tickled the wearer's body so much that wearing it for any length of time was almost intolerable. A concubine lucky enough to own such a robe would don it an hour or so before her lord was to visit, so that when he arrived she was drunk with pleasure and bursting with desire. The garment was often worn during sex, to enhance the woman's pleasure. There were also stories of concubines being tortured by the first wife by being tied to a pillar in the garden dressed in a long tunic and trousers made of this silk so that the breeze kept the silk rustling over her body until she fainted from the exhaustion of laughing.

When she arrived in Shanghai she heard people using an odd expression, "Tickled by the emperor's silk." At first she would blush and become so overwhelmed with embarrassment that she could not talk about it, but after a few months she finally got up the nerve to ask people what the phrase meant. Most replied that it meant that someone was very pleased, as with a job well done, but a few went on to describe the legend behind the expression. Gradually she discovered that the legend was not fiction, but only seemed that way because those who could afford this unique fabric kept the fact very much private. It was not until the chaos that accompanied the Japanese invasion that she was able to purchase any. Where for several years she had not come close to it, suddenly she found she could buy as much as she wanted as the nobles tried to convert their wealth to cash and flee to Hong Kong.

The old dance master used her collection of robes to enhance the tickling play of her best students, including the woman in the picture. In Japan she learned their highly developed art of bondage, and mixed that into her special private sessions. In a typical meeting, our subject would have to serve tea wearing a ticklish silk robe while maintaining complete control. If she succeeded she was rewarded by being bound and tickled in the most sensual manner imaginable, ending with mind blowing orgasms from a feather teasing her clit.

Now the young student is grown up and teaching her own classes here in Honolulu. Tickling her students is not practical in our society, nor has she found a man with whom she is willing to reveal her passion for tickling. Instead, she has devised this method of tickling herself.

She begins by placing a board on the floor to which a pair of sneakers have been securely attached about three feet apart. She then piles several stage weights on the board. Once her feet are laced into the shoes she cannot move them.

Her arms are semi-bound to the stretching bar behind her by winding a length of rope around them. She cannot tie the rope, the best she can manage being to hold the end in one hand. This way she can free herself, while during her ordeal she can struggle and experience the sensation of being restrained.

Her greatest regret is that she has nothing to take the place of the ticklish Chinese silk. To remind her of it she wears silk stockings and a shiny nylon spandex leotard, which she has modified by cutting away the fabric in the center of the crotch to expose her cunt and the crack of her ass.

A large motorized wheel is spinning slowly before her. To the rim of the wheel are attached smooth, stiff feathers. The wheel is positioned so that the feathers come up from behind her, and as they rise they nudge themselves in between the cheeks of her ass and deep into her labia where they gently brush her clit. She is holding a switch which controls the motor in her other hand.

On days when she does not have a date she continues her ticklish torment until she reaches orgasm several times and is unable to remain standing. When she will spend an evening with her lover she will stop the wheel whenever an orgasm approaches, allowing her desire to build but withholding her release until they make love.

To continue her pleasure throughout the evening she will wear a long black dress made of bridal satin. She will be totally nude under it except for a pair of knee-high stockings. Like the leotard it only hints at the intensely ticklish feel of the Chinese silk, but it will tickle her body just enough to keep her on edge all evening.

Every time she prepares herself for a date this way she vows that she will reveal her desire to be bound and tickled before making love. She has never been so bold as to go out to dinner naked under a satin dress, either. She has two plans. One is to wait until they are undressing. This she will do in full view of him, and at that point she will remark as casually as she can manage that she chose to go without underwear because she likes the way the satin tickles her skin. Her fear is that the big lunkhead might not catch the hint. Her other plan is to whisper to him over dinner that she is naked under her dress and that it is tickling her out of her mind. This will give them more time to talk about it before they are zooming in on sex. She likes this plan because if he likes the idea she won't have to take off her dress to make her point, and she'd much rather be tickled while wearing it. Every time she thinks about it she gets a cold knot in her stomach, her fear being that he will think she is really weird and spoil their dinner.

She has two hours to get ready. That will give her an hour on the wheel, and just enough time to get ready. She is unusually nervous and excited, perhaps because she feels so committed to telling her lover about her special desire this time. She clicks the switch on and immediately starts to moan while her legs tremble as the feathers unleash their barrage of tickling torment. Perhaps one day she will bring her lover here and let him tie her to the bar, so that she truly cannot make her torment stop.

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