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Spanking Exercise Cycle

It is such a pleasure to see erotic art drawn by a real master. Here we have what is superficially a simple setting, yet the artist has managed to infuse it with many symbols that combine to form a powerful image.

Consider the girlís age and apparel, which together convey an innocence at odds with the eroticism the work suggests. Youth and innocence are two powerful ingredients in sexual attraction. Here, both are carried to an extreme that sets up an emotional discord and make the image appealing I a way not possible if it were a mature woman on the bike. I think a simple explanation is that we place ourselves in her position, recalling our childhood attitudes about punishment and the power wielded by adults.

Something more specific to me is the way her outfit plays upon my fetish for womenís clothing. Whenever I see a female in a pleated skirt I become aroused by imagining that the pleats brushing against her skin feel ticklish. For this reason the fact that the girl in this illustration is wearing a pleated skirt makes her much more appealing to me than to merely normal folk. Even though she is wearing panties the idea that the skirt will tickle her as she peddles is very exciting for me.

One of my favorite ways to masturbate is to rub my cock through two layers of slick, silky fabric such as nylon or satin. Besides bringing my fetish object into the action this method provides a form of lubrication, plus the benefit of reduced intensity which results in a longer time to reach orgasm. Another technique I enjoy is to wear a skirt, pleated or not but made of fabric like satin, standing, sitting or laying on my back, reach down inside the waist, grasp my cock and sweep it up and down, side to side, or in circles. The point is that I associate certain kinds of womenís clothing with extreme, long-lasting sexual pleasure.

If you look closely you will see that the girlís skirt is covering the saddle. If her skirt and panty are made out of suitable fabric the process of pedaling will produce the kind of slippery rubbing that I enjoy so much. Better still, if the skirtís fabric has some body, such as Arnel, the edges of the pleats will apply extra pressure along the opening of her cunt and tease her clit. Can you see now why I beak out in a sweat when I look at this illustration?

If you are a spanking enthusiast you will prefer that the pedaling action causes the paddle to spank her bottom. Perhaps she has been ordered to ride ten miles in under fifteen minutes before she can stop. I like that scenario myself, but I can picture another. The paddle is actuated when she peddles too slowly. As long as she maintains some difficult to maintain speed it will be held in check. The challenge is that when she peddles that fast her skirt tickles her thighs unbearably while her thin, silky panty rubbing against her pleated skirt buzzes her clit like a vibrator. What sweet torment. Or should I say, Sweet Agony!

Sandy Beach

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