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Anime, bunny fucking girl with magic wand.

I begin with something whimsical and cute, a female Japanese anime character not very different from Sailor Moon who's furry sidekick is behaving a wee bit naughtily. The dildo is in fact the girl's magic wand -- I have other anime depicting "supergirls" like Sailor Moon masturbating with their wands, so I feel safe in saying that it is an idea more than a few men share.

In this illustration we confront head-on an issue that makes many Americans uncomfortable, a girl-child engaging in sexual activity. The point is not whether or not little girls have sex, or enjoy sex. The point is that this art form originated in Japan, a country which knows no bounds to the preference for youth and has little shame about sex. So many Japanese adults enjoy childish-looking girls in adult situations, from fashion magazine models to advertising to entertainment, that a waggish friend of mine quips that Japan is a nation of pedophiles and a fetish for schoolgirl uniforms is a national pastime.

One thing you will have great difficulty finding is Japanese child pornography involving photographs. Despite the tons of pictures produced each month like the one shown here, and many involving even younger girls ( ippuku, kininaru), photographs of the same kind of thing are as scarce as a Japanese in the NFL.

I do not believe that the Japanese want to see flesh 'n blood children engaged in adult sex any more than any other culture. What I do believe is that Japanese allow themselves to enjoy it when such thoughts arouse them. I also believe that Japanese are more attuned to what has been dubbed the 'child within.' Part of what an adult feels attracted to in a relationship is the other person's child -- why not depict it explicitly, using drawings rather than photographs so that real children can remain children?

As proof of this view I offer the fact that in Japan one can purchase magazines and videos devoted to little girls depicted in all sorts of cute ways, but never in adult situations. As sexy as it gets are a bit of nudity and some shots of panties peeking out from under dresses. Some sex shops sell life-sized child sex dolls, with built-in merkins, for men who want to act out fucking little girls, the point being that it is far better to fuck a doll than a real little girl.

This acceptance of the sexual appeal of the 'child within' is just one manifestation of an overarching fascination with everything erotic. The Japanese are the acknowledged world leaders in the design of sex tools. (Others call them sex toys, but to me a toy is something a kid plays with.) Most of the illustrations in my Dildo Parade are by Japanese artists, working in the anime style such as you see here, and are arranged in what I consider to be an increasing amount of erotic refinement. That is, the images begin with relatively simple situations, then move towards increasingly complex and unusual behaviors.

One of the great anomalies of post-war Japanese erotica is that it embraces every conceivable sexual behavior yet until recently was encumbered by censorship laws which forbid the depiction of genitals and pubic hair. The Japanese have a long history of struggling against overbearing rulers who believed that the masses would be better off if they did not spend so much time thinking about sex. This conflict produced a number of remarkable compromises, such as a ban on female kabuki actors and the abolition of prostitution in Edo (Tokyo) except for a designated area of swampland called Yoshiwara. The people's irrepressible enjoyment of sex resulted in male actors becoming better at portraying female characters than women, and a massive investment in draining and filling in the swampy land of Yoshiwara until it became the most famous red-light district known to man. The same spirit of compromise resulted in pictures such as you see here, scenes of explicit and often-times extreme sexual behavior which skirt the censorship law by obscuring the genitals.

You might ask why I included this picture in a series on MekSex when there is nothing very mechanical about it. I confess that part of the reason was that I find it so refreshingly cute. I really get a kick out of the bunny's expression. Then there is the look on the girl's face. She appears to have no idea the pleasure her little friend is about to bestow upon her, a delightful portrayal of virgin innocence. What man has not wished for just such a moment?

Consider the fact that the tool the bunny has thrust deep inside the young girl's cunt is no ordinary shaft, but a magic wand capable of discharging enormous power. Do you see something phallic in that, much more than simply its shape? What man could resist a spell which gives him total control over his erection, and instead of discharging a little glob of sticky goo it blasts forth bolts of energy more in keeping with the emotional experience of orgasm and which rockets his partner into another dimension of pleasure? Look closely at the shaft and you will see a series of hearts, strategically positioned to massage the girl's clit. It may not be mechanical in the purest sense, but this picture definitely portrays the spirit of what I call MekSex.

Sandy Beach

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