MekSex Art

Sandy Beach

Drawing #1

This is my first serious attempt to portray a woman enjoying extreme pleasure by means of an electronically controlled set of dildos and nipple stimulators. I imagine the control box working in two ways. In its less sophisticated form it will run through a cycle of programmed highs and lows, designed to initially drive the woman repeatedly to the brink of orgasm without letting her come, then subject her to a long period of intense stimulation until she is completely spent. The more complicated version would incorporate bio-feed back devices to ensure that in the first part of the program the woman is denied orgasm. Either way, the patterns would be completely programmable to suit the woman's preferences.

A major theme of all my fantasies is the idea of a woman enjoying pleasure on her own, best exemplified by my passion for clothes that feel ticklish and arousing. In this illustration I continued that theme, arranging the elements so as not to eliminate the possibility that the woman's apparent torment is self-inflicted. Inspired no doubt by my own masturbation techniques!

The devices for stimulating the women's nipples are so compact as to convey little to the viewer beyond the fact that something is happening. What I had in mind was a combination nipple clamp and vibrator. Each nipple is inserted into a soft rubber cup about the size of a shot glass. The inside tapers to a small recess. An oval spring wire clamp is molded into the cup, about half an inch from the bottom. To attach the cup you squeeze opposite sides of the oval to open its mouth, press the cup onto the woman's erect nipple and let go. Hopefully it won't just pop right off! A gentle vibrator is molded into the base of the cup, and is controlled by the programmable control box.

Sandy Beach

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