Why I Love Tickling

It is the exhilaration tickling produces that I love, a state of mind in which I am lifted far above normalcy. Some people like to get there by riding roller coasters, surfing, driving fast cars, parachute jumping, or holding up convenience stores. The method I like best is to be driven mad by sensations far too intense to tolerate without the aid of restraints, sensations that confuse the mind by being at once pleasurable and unbearable. Pain is by far the more common source of such tactile experiences, and for me pain is at times a viable alternative, but nothing takes the place of tickling.

As much as I enjoy being tickled, my greatest passion has always been to tickle women. I really enjoy subjecting a woman to a long session of light, teasing ticking that hovers on the edge of torture. As a child, sex was not a part of the picture, except that I only fantasized about tickling girls. Call it role awareness. As puberty struck, rather early in my case, sex, tickling and bondage were alloyed into a powerful source of fantasy and given form in countless fabrications that accompanied frequent boners and two or three long masturbation sessions per day.

I discern two factors that comprise my desire to tickle a woman, power and service. As incongruous and even self-contradictory as these two concepts might seem, I believe they are the motivation behind many other kinds of behavior besides tickling. Some people say that control is a significant factor for them, and while I agree with that view I prefer to place control under the broader umbrella of power. I am not a control freak. In most of my fantasies the woman is very much in control, despite being bound and seemingly helpless. I study her intensely, adjusting my stimulation of her body so that she may achieve the highest level of pleasure. I do get a thrill from the experience of power I wield, the ability to make her scream and writhe and beg me to stop, not to mention the power to drive her mad with desire and then mad again with the pleasure of her orgasms.

Sandy Beach

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