Tickling Meets Fetish Clothing

When I was about seven, possibly six, my carefree enjoyment of tickling took on a new dimension, one which has stayed with me all my life. The event was my first fetish sighting, involving two neighbor girls wearing satin party dresses. Several things about the way they looked had a powerful impact on me, and while as a whole my reaction followed patterns well known with regards to fetishism there was one aspect to my attraction to their dresses that is quite unusual. I was absolutely certain that their satin dresses felt ticklish. My initial reaction upon seeing them was a generalized "Oh wow!" but close on its heels came feelings of jealousy and admiration. I thought the girls were so lucky to be able to walk around wearing clothes that tickled them, and hated the fact that I, being a boy, could not.

It was not long before I began to fantasize about the two girls. These fantasies took two forms. In one, I would imagine myself as a girl, wearing a silk dress like theirs without any underwear, secretly enjoying hours of self-inflicted ticklish torment. I liked the idea of going to school dressed that way, so that I had no choice but to endure it until I got home while at the same time could not for even one second let on that my dress was tickling me out of my mind.

The other form cast me as the seductive male, enticing the girls into letting me tie them up, perhaps to act out a pirate game, and once they were bound and helpless I would reach under their dresses and remove their undergarments. I loved to imagine that they had never worn their dresses without underwear and had no idea the silk would feel so good. Their initial complaints would dissolve into wide-eyed amazement when the cold silk touched their bare skin. In a matter of seconds they would begin to wiggle while their faces took on the twisted expressions of someone fighting to hold back their laughter. Soon their resolve would break, and they would erupt in hysterical laughter and pleas for me to put their underwear back on. For awhile I would just sit and watch them, and their demands to have their underwear put back would modulate to a new key in which they exclaimed in agonized moans that it felt wonderful and that they did not want it to stop. Eventually I would start stroking my fingers over their torsos. Their laughter would reach a new peak, accompanied by my belief that the silk would intensify the effect of light fingertip tickling to a point that was equal to or greater than tickling the soles of their feet, yet with a delicious quality devoid of the harshness that demands the torment end immediately. Despite the fact that they kept up a steady stream of pleading for me to stop, each time I did they would beg for more. When it was finally over they would chatter excitedly about the wonderful new experience I had given them, and insist that I come back often for more sessions.

As the years went by the details surrounding my fantasies changed, but the underlying theme did not except for the inclusion of sexual pleasure. After the two sisters in silk dresses I spent several years fixated on Campfire Girl uniforms. In the seventh grade I added white pleated skirts. In high school I added sheer nylon nightgowns, at first the usual smooth type and later nightgowns made of a single layer of sheer nylon that was pleated. In college, women's evening wear, first cocktail dresses made with pleated chiffon, then nylon jersey evening gowns, then bell bottom pants made of double-knit nylon jersey. For almost twenty years that was it, until I recently added pleated chiffon pants and almost anything made of satin. In most cases the new additions were based on clothes that had come into my life either because they became fashionable or because some special event caused me to notice them. Along the way I dabbled in many other kinds of things, such as spandex, but the ones I mentioned were exceptional in their ability to arouse me. Always the basis was the idea that the clothing would feel ticklish to wear, would make fingertip tickling exceptionally pleasurable, and in most cases would provide intense sexual pleasure when used to stimulate a woman's clit.

Sandy Beach

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