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In the years that followed there were a few more events that added credibility to my fantasies. The first happened very soon after we broke up, my first encounter with tickling depicted in an adult magazine. It was a Japanese S&M magazine, with a full color story on tickling featuring a lovely model bound in classical Japanese style and teased with a variety of feathers and brushes. The article was written from the standpoint of a writer assigned by the editors to do a story on tickling but who had never tried it. He spent the afternoon rushing around Tokyo shopping for tickling tools, then met the model and photographer at a Japanese inn for the shoot. At first he just thought they would shoot posed shoots, but when he acted like he was tickling her ass she started to squeal and he was surprised to discover that it turned him on. When he didn't stop she started to complain that she was only supposed to model, and the more she begged him to stop the hornier he got. There was a picture of him tickling her nipples with a tiny fluffy gizmo, and her expression was priceless. The text went on to describe him tickling her cunt with a long, pointed feather, which they did not show, and how it made her laugh so hard he decided to stop before somebody complained. The piece ended with a little interview after-the-fact, in which the model confessed that she had done many bondage photo shoots but had never enjoyed it as much as this one, and that being tickled that way actually felt really good and very exciting.

Finding that article was a break-through experience for me. Not only was it nice to finally have pictures to look at while jerking off, but far more significant to me was that fact that it revealed for the first time that somebody else in this world thought about tying up a woman and tickling her.

More examples followed in rapid succession. Variations magazine did a feature story on tickling, then I discovered the book "The Naughty Victorians." I started going to every Japanese porno movie I could find (those were the days when they showed such stuff in local Japanese movie houses as a late night special), and eventually was rewarded by a fantastic scene in which a bunch of new recruits for the Shogun's harem were "tested" by having to get down on all fours while the older girls tickled their asses with writing brushes until they dropped. Anyone who failed to endure enough to satisfy the evil mistress was to be whipped. The heroin was the last remaining, and the mistress herself applied the brush until the girl had an orgasm. I saw it three times!

Over the year or two all this took place I finally was able to get beyond the acute embarrassment about my passion to where I really wanted to share it with a woman. I saw tickling less as a perversion and more of a refined form of sex. I was convinced that many women would find it appealing once they were exposed to it, and I was determined to enlighten as many women as possible.

I did find a couple more women who enjoyed playing with some of my fantasy ideas. The most tickling related event was the night I tried dragging a pleated skirt between a woman's legs. My idea was that it would feel delicately ticklish, while eventually the edges of the pleats would run against her clit. I had already described this fantasy to her, and in fact she had read Sweet Agony which includes several such scenes. She would not allow me to tie her down, but she did promise to lay back on the bed with her legs dangling down and spread wide and to hold that position for as long as possible. She did not last more than a few seconds. The moment the light, silky skirt touched her crotch she began to laugh, and she squeezed her legs together and grabbed my hand. The poor girl really tried hard, several more times, but she could not sit still for it.

Truth, or a bit of acting intended to satisfy my curiosity? Who can say? It worked, in that I was as hard as oak, and we both enjoyed the result.

Sandy Beach

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