A New Reality

In the last couple of years I have struggled to realign my views, to get a better grasp of reality, why I do what I do and what women want. My previous belief that many women would enjoy tickling, and the erotic quality of sensuous clothing, if only turned on to the idea, has been replaced by a radically different and admittedly more pessimistic view.

First, while a small minority of people find tickling someone arousing, fewer still enjoy being bound and tickled. The number of women who do is so small that finding one has a probability close to zero. If that was all I cared about, if looks and other personality traits meant nothing, I might find such a woman but the search would be long. The truth is that I am just as finicky if not more so as most men. Finding a suitable mate is hard enough without special requirements. Add to the list that she loves to be tied up and tickled and the odds of success become virtually zero.

Although I plan on describing my fetish for women's clothing more completely in a separate section, I will say here that not only do I now believe that women who dress the way I like do not experience tickling sensations from their clothes, I also take the broader position that women do not experience sexual arousal from clothes the way I do.

What that leaves me is my fantasies, which have no need to be realistic. I hope that over time my new view of things makes it easier for me to experience satisfaction in my relationships.

Sandy Beach

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